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Our history

The Conti company was born in Genoa in 1951, when the owner Conti decided to devote himself to the production of the classic Genoese pandolce. This dessert of very remote origins, melts in the mouth, rich in soft raisins, candied fruit and pine nuts. In respect  of an ancient recipe that gives us the pleasure of those  forgotten flavours, the processing is done by hand in the secret of its own laboratory. In the wake of this tradition, Conti's business is continued by his daughter and his son-in-law, who expand the range of desserts by producing different varieties.

Since 1988, with Conti's grandchildren, the packaging of Christmas gift baskets has also developed, which not only contain our sweets, but also other gastronomic specialties, rigorously selected among the best, coming from Italian artisan companies (chocolate , nougats, sparkling wines and more).

The Genoese pandolce, Panettoni, Pandoro and Confectionary - Production, Ice creams 

Services: Christmas baskets, Easter baskets, Christmas packages, Easter packages, gift packages

Specialty: Christmas sweets

Trademarks: the popsicle THE STRAMONDIALE

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