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Classic Easter Colomba recipe - Natural leavening

This traditional dove-shaped dessert has very remote origins and it seems it was offered as a sign of peace. Naturally leavened soft dessert, rich in candied orange and covered with a delicious hazelnut glaze enriched with tasty almonds.

Pre-dough ingredients: Sourdough Kg. 1 – Manitoba flour Kg. 1 – Milk or Water Kg. 1 – Egg yolk gr. 100 - butter gr. 200. Mix the ingredients, except for the fat, until a smooth and dry dough is obtained. Then incorporate the fat. Leave to rise at 27/30° for 10/12 hours and in any case until the dough has tripled. Ingredients for the complete dough: Manitoba flour gr. 200 – Milk or water gr. 50 – Butter gr. 200 – Yolk gr. 150 – Sugar gr. 250 - Candied orange peel gr. 700 – Honey gr. 30 – orange flavor q.b. . Mix the pre-dough, the flour and the milk to obtain a smooth and dry dough. Add the sugar and continue to knead until it is completely absorbed; continue adding the yolk and knead until the mass appears homogeneous. At this point add the butter and the herbs and then finish by adding the candied fruit. Leave the dough to rise for an hour at 27/30 degrees. Break into desired weight and place in dove shape. Leave to rise for about 6 hours and, before putting in the oven, brush with the glaze made with egg whites, sugar, almond flour, rice starch. The dove glazed in this way should be garnished with the addition of granulated sugar and whole or flaked almonds. Bake at about 185° according to the weight of the doves (for example if the dove weighs 750 g, the cooking time is about 50 minutes). At the end of cooking, turn the doves previously placed upside down with stainless steel pins until completely cooled.

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